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Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) — (Сертифицированный международный инвестиционный аналитик) — международная профессиональная квалификация (сертификат) в сфере финансов и инвестиций, признанная профессиональными сообществами и регуляторами в различных странах мира.

Основную профессиональную группу, для которой предназначена квалификация CIIA, составляют специалисты в области финансовых рынков и инвестиций — финансовые аналитики, портфельные управляющие, инвестиционные консультанты и иные профессиональные должности, функционалу которых соответствует проведение финансового анализа и принятие инвестиционных решений.

Также, квалификация CIIA актуальна для профессиональной группы, которую составляют специалисты в области корпоративных финансов и капиталовложений, кредитной и страховой деятельности — управляющие инвестиционными проектами, финансовые менеджеры, банковские андеррайтеры, страховые актуарии и т. д.

История CIIAПравить

Квалификация CIIA учреждена международной ассоциацией ACIIA (Association of Certified International Investment Analysts) и реализуется ею в странах Европы, Азии, Африки и Латинской Америки, через своих уполномоченных членов — национальные ассоциации аналитиков и финансистов.

ACIIA как глобальное сообщество аналитиков, была основана в Швейцарии по инициативе двух крупнейших профессиональных федераций Европы (EFFAS) и Азии (ASIF). Построенная по принципу многоуровневой зонтичной структуры, на сегодняшний день ACIIA объединяет более 60 000 инвестиционных аналитиков и финансистов из 35 стран мира, представленных в лице EFFAS и ASIF, а также в лице национальных ассоциаций. Таким образом, ACIIA является международной организацией с постоянным базированием в Европе — штаб-квартира ассоциации находится в городе Бюлах (Швейцария), а служба секретариата находится в городе Франкфурт-на-Майне (Германия).

Экзамены CIIAПравить

The Common Knowledge Exams consist of four papers at the «Foundation level», and two at the «Final level». The foundation level papers, in turn, comprise multiple choice, calculation, discursive and short essay questions. The final level exams comprise case studies and in-depth essays. The topics covered at both levels are:

  • Financial accounting and statement analysis;
  • Corporate Finance;
  • Economics;
  • Equity valuation and analysis;
  • Fixed income valuation and analysis;
  • Derivative valuation and analysis;
  • Portfolio management.
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The National / Regional Exam is set by the individual societies and examines specific knowledge of local markets and standards. Topics covered:

  • Regulation;
  • Financial statement analysis;
  • Market structures and instruments.

A Truly International Qualification

Certified International Investment Analyst CIIA®is an internationally recognised advanced professional qualification for individuals working in the finance and investment industry.

Legal Requirements

Each day the mandatory requirements from domestic and international regulators emphasize the role of certifications such as CIIA for professionals who want to develop a career in financial markets. This trend is especially true for young professional with moderate or no experience in the market. The CIIA certification will help you greatly to be able to work in this industry and raise your level as a financial executive.

Your Mark of Superior Knowledge and Skill

Essential skills and knowledge is required in the subject areas of:

  • Equity Valuation and Analysis
  • Fixed Income Valuation and Analysis
  • Derivative Valuation and Analysis
  • Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Portfolio Management

Opening Doors to International Finance and Investment

Achieving the ACIIA holder status provides you with the recognition of a superior standard of applied knowledge that is essential for working in domestic and international investment markets.

CIIA is the passport you need as employers recognise the advantage of hiring mobile professionals with qualifications that will enable them to work in any international financial centre.

Better employment prospects

CIIA holders have a much higher employment rate than the sector mean, since they have greater and more valuable skills, knowledge and legal backing in their applications.

  • Recognized in 34 countries and accepted by employers and international regulators.
  • Combines an International applicable Common Knowledge Base with local regulations and market practices.
  • International common exams prepared by experts from the ACIIA® members societies.
  • Use of mother tongue: candidates have the option of studying and sitting for exams in 11 different languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish).
  • Supervision of the International Examination Committee (IEC) that ensures the strictness of the tests.
  • Candidates can apply for admission to the CIIA exams through any participating national/regional society
  • Exams can be taken in any country where an ACIIA member exists (additional exam centres are organised in London and New York)
  • Two exam sessions per year for each level
  • Students can enrol also for partial exams
  • On-line and classroom training programs with the support of the National/Regional Societies.
  • Ethical Code of professional behaviour
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How to become a CIIA holder?

To be awarded the CIIA, candidates must pass two Common Knowledge Exams, a National/Regional Exam and provide proof of experience working in the domain of financial analysis, portfolio management, and/or financial services in general.

The Common Knowledge Exams are divided into two levels, the Foundation and Final Level. The Foundation Level may be replaced by an ACIIA accredited programme.

You will need to:

  • Apply to be admitted for the exams through a participating national/regional society
  • Pass all the exams
  • Have three years’ experience working in the domain of financial analysis, portfolio management and/or investment in general
  • Hold membership of a participating national/regional society

Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) is a global finance designation offered by the Association of Certified International Investment Analysts (ACIIA) to financial professionals; candidates may be financial analysts, portfolio managers or investment advisors.

  • The CIIA qualification is recognised as a key 2 qualification in the UK by the Financial Services Skills Council.
  • Membership of Securities & Investment Institute (SII) with 3 years of Professional experience for CIIA diploma holders for full membership (MSI). SII is also a part of the ACIIA network.
  • Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (the equivalent of SEC for USA) recognises CIIA holders for Test of Competence and for fulfilling regulatory requirements.
  • The CIIA fulfils the regulatory requirements of the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission for registration as a licensed securities broker or investment adviser.
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  • Certified private banker
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A Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) has completed all the courses (minimum 14) and other requirements set by the Corporate Finance Institute to obtain the designation.
The program focuses heavily on applications of corporate finance, including:
financial modeling, valuation, analysis, Excel, presentations, and other topics.

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