Ответы на онлайн тестирование на получение сертификата консультант плюс для юристов

Данный тест неоднократно сдавала для МФПУ (Синергия)

Набирала от 90 баллов. Могу при необходимости сдать вместо вас. Обращайтесь!!! Профессиональный лингвист-языковед.

Высокий балл Вам гарантирован)

bills of exchange

bills of lading

a credit of 250 pounds or more

a credit of more than 50 pounds sterling

will be expelled

must sell that business

must pay to the firm all profits made by him in that business

fee tail estate

fee simple estate

must have work experience as a company secretary

need not have any personal qualifications

must be qualified as a chartered secretary, an accountant or a lawyer

is liable for all his debts

has limited liability

if the presumption of undue influence has been rebutted in the Court

can never be set aside

if it has been obtained by undue influence

for senior clerical workers

for senior managers

for other managers

second and subsequent mortgages over the same property

not more than two mortgages over the same property

only one mortgage over the same property

there is some emergency

there are no pre-existing contracts giving the agent responsibility for the property of another

the person charged with responsibility can get instructions from the owner of the property

the principal will be liable for damages

no one will be liable for damages

the agent will be liable for damages

to receive an unlimited dividend

to receive surplus assets

to the possessor if he is the owner

to the possessor even if he is not the owner

to the owner

the capital assets

the authorized capital

the actual capital raised

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provision of safe tools and equipment

authority to act within certain limits

authority for a specific purpose

a registered company

a sole trader

of the contract for the sale of goods

of the contract for labor and materials

of the contract for service

by employees to their employers

by sales clerks to the customers

by buyers to sellers

by the court

only for receiving profits

for any purpose

for charitable purpose

by a patent

by an insurance policy

the “term of years”

the “estate at will”

the “estate by sufferance”

natural and artificial persons

natural persons only

in the Restrictive Practices Court

in the Crown Court

in the High Court

agreements to sell

contracts for hire of goods

contracts of bailment

that the employee is a member of an independent trade union

by inviting other members

by making loans

the Secretary of State

the Director General of Fair Trading

the Monopolies and Mergers Commission

House of Lords

Civil Court of Appeal

Criminal Court of Appeal

the Consumer Protection Advisory Committee

European Community law

if it is legal without title deed

if it is not registered in the Land Charges Registry

if it is not legal

must be given in written form

can be verbal, in writing or by deed

is to be given by deed

for two years

for a month

for a year

not less than 10 members

not more than 30 members

at any time subject to no restrictions

at any time subject to reasonable restrictions

exactly by the legal date of redemption

the Financial Times

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the London Gazette

the Business Week

it concerns a part of the contract

the contract is not void or a forgery

it takes place after the time fixed for the performance of the contract

if Articles of the company allow that

according to the decision of the directors of the company

for other goods

at any age

by special Act of Parliament

under Companies Act

by Royal Charter

it is a limited company

he or she is an enemy alien

he or she is a minor

by a sole trader

by a holding company

by a partnership

the creditors’ consent

the trustee’s consent

the court’ consent

he must accept the decision of the majority

the majority must agree with him

the court will support him

it is based on a hypothesis

is made by the way

it forms the basis of the decision

to give instructions to the directors of the company

to sell the assets of the company

to receive a proportion of the profits of the company

at the registered office

in the office of the CEO

trespass to land

are not implied

by the common law

registration of a mortgage is not necessary

there must be registration of both legal and equitable mortgages

there must be registration of the equitable mortgage

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